I installed bitcoin node, synced up to date. I am using python bitcoin_explorer to read the block data. I can read all blocks, however, I can't read block 761249 I am not sure it's my syncing problem, the data break on my machine, or it's bitcoin_explorer's problem. Anybody can help me try it on your machine please? Here is the code

pip install bitcoin_explorer

import bitcoin_explorer as bq

db = bq.BitcoinDB("/home/.bitcoin", tx_index = True)

block = db.get_block(761249, connected = True)


Anybody could help me try it and let me know? Thank you so much.

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Block 761249 (2022-11-01 10:44:19) contains transaction 73be398c4bdc43709db7398106609eea2a7841aaf3a4fa2000dc18184faa2a7e which is size 500.142 kB and is pretty strange, it contains mostly zeroes. Some parsers interpret this as about half a million zero-length witness components.

This is about a month before Ordinals Inscription 0. No idea if this is related.

Perhaps the Python bitcoin_explorer library assumes transaction sizes never exceed 500 kB or has trouble parsing this particular transaction?

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    Thank you so much for the response. I can see this transaction is really strange, input is 0.03682719 BTC, but output is 0. Where did the 0.03682719 BTC go? I can use bitcoin core to access this block though, so probably it's Python bitcoin_explorer's problem. I really want to get data for this block, including input BTC amount & addresses, output BTC amount & addresses, any other way to get it please?
    – Lenny
    Mar 28, 2023 at 14:14

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