I downloaded the bitcoin blockchain with


When I first executed the command I could tell him to use a mounted hard drive. All the data goes there. So far so good. Now I want to experiment also with


With bitcoind its running through all blocks one by one and gives me updateTip: new best, height, version, log2_work, tx, date, progress and cache. And when I execute the command


all the data goes on the SD-card and not on the hard drive. What is the bitcoind doing there and how can I tell it to use the hard drive and not the SD-Card? Because there is not much space left

Thanks in advance


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You have to provide the same path to bitcoind as you did for bitcoin-qt. Let's say you gave /path/to/data to bitcoin-qt, you should start bitcoind with ./bitcoin -datadir=/path/to/data. Otherwise it will download all blocks in the default dir (On Linux is ~/.bitcoin)

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