I have a Java code that I need to pass to python but I don't know which libraries to use and how to start and if you can help me it is very grateful

MNEMONIC = "twenty four word mnemonic here" ACCOUNT_KEY = "" WALLET_PRIVATE_KEY = ""

// We'll generate 3 parameters here // 1. hashedSecret // 2. encryptedSecret // 3. hashedPublicKey

const epochTimeNow = Date.now().toString()

const secret = getDeterministicTradeSecret(MNEMONIC, epochTimeNow) // This function in defined below const hashedSecret = hash160(secret)

const encryptedSecret = encryptTradeSecret( secret, ACCOUNT_KEY, undefined )

const publicKey = privateKeyToPublic(privateKey) const hashedPublicKey = hash160(publicKey)

const btc_trade_secrets = { encrypted_secret: encryptedSecret, hashed_secret: hashedSecret, hashed_public_key: hashedPublicKey, }

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