I have no knowledge about Bitcoin Core and attempted my first transaction, which failed due to low fee due to a basic math error. (Did not notice it was per kilobyte rather than per byte.) It is currently stuck on chain, in its unconfirmed position. I see that I likely had the "Replace-by-fee" option enabled.

How does one trigger an RBF? I have attempted searching around but could not find a definite "guide" on how to perform this in Bitcoin Core. To my understanding I simply send a new transaction with a higher fee to the same recipient and it should replace the old one?

Also, when sending this small transaction (~36k sat), I viewed the txid on explorer and saw that my entire balance was sent, with the remaining BTC being sent to a different address. What is the function behind this?

Hopefully someone could explain this to me in a newbie friendly manner?

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If you're using the GUI, head over to the "Transactions" tab, right-click the pending transaction and choose "Increase transaction fee". If you're using bitcoin-cli, use the bumpfee command.

The second address you're observing is your change address. See for example this or this question for an explanation.

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    Thanks! This answered everything. I'm curious if the bumped fee that the GUI suggests is changeable? Increased the fee from 200 to around 3800 sats. I assume this is based on the suggested fee, but what if I would like to increase it higher than this, without increasing in steps?
    – user141318
    Commented Apr 5, 2023 at 18:49
  • I don't see an option to specify the fee rate in the GUI, but you can use the console (or bitcoin-cli) for that. For example, to increase fee rate to 15 sat/vB, you would use bumpfee "your txid here" '{"fee_rate":15}'. Commented Apr 5, 2023 at 19:35

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