In some educational materials on bitcoin P2PKH transactions, I'll see 2 digits included in the front of what would be considered the ScriptSig. For example, what is the 8b in the front of the ScriptSig below representing?


The same with the format of the ScriptPubKey...what is the 19 representing in the front of the ScriptPubKey below?


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In the serialization format, the input and output script are introduced by announcing the length of the script.

So that 0x19 indicates that the length of the scriptPubKey is 76a914b58515a69527c806fd404d3d4aa490d56692310b88ac is 25 bytes, and 0x8b indicates that 483045022100a8205f5879952c6a931affae66519c4a4bda0d912dd166d89e7b671efddfd01e022071a6cf9f3f72c61395ea98c5b23606b9a7d4d5aac97b84a3622beeded49ee40a014104f6209daa9543327eb5b7b2ac0b63089af69abad5b14f4b6cfec5c18279848fa214933decd49c1ca1efe03af8f44b5584b1af8eae6a31a95921bba07e5bf78f90 is a 139 bytes.

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