I want to get the txids of the (mem-pool 0 I mean the mempool block that will next to be confirmed) using bitcoin-cli.

Basicly I want to get the txids in https://mempool.space/tr/mempool-block/0 this memblock. I am looking for this for days If you help that will be much appreciated.


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The mempool in Bitcoin represents a collection of unconfirmed transactions, and it doesn't have a concept of "blocks" like the blockchain does. Each transaction in the mempool exists independently and is not grouped into blocks.

To retrieve the transaction IDs (txids) from a specific block in the Bitcoin blockchain, you can use the getblock command in bitcoin-cli. However, the mempool itself doesn't have blocks, so you won't be able to retrieve the transaction IDs in the same way as you would for confirmed blocks.

If you're specifically interested in the transactions displayed in the Mempool Block section on mempool.space, those are not actual blocks but rather a visual representation of the mempool transactions arranged in a block-like structure.

To retrieve the transaction IDs in that specific arrangement, you would need to use the API provided by mempool.space itself or explore their public API documentation for more details on how to fetch the mempool block data programmatically.

Here's the mempool.space API documentation that you can refer to: https://mempool.space/docs/api

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