I have recently connected sparrow wallet to my own node to get away from using a private electrum server.

But some of the addresses I have bitcoin in are not being recognized. I know they have funds because I checked the addresses on 'mempool.space'. Before I get too far I want to explain that this is not a gap limit issue because these are the first three addresses in my wallet. Not later ones.

So I closed Bitcoin Core, opened 'bitcoin.conf' and entered:


Someone recommended I try doing this to go through utxos I think.
It seemed like it was doing OK, but every single time it eventually stopped responding.

So now I'm wondering if I should just use 'reindex=1' through 'bitcoin.conf' or entering the command line and using bitcoin-qt -reindex. This would make it so I completely redo the entire blockchain right?

I might have to do it because things are not working. When I was building the blockchain for the first time, I know that my laptop had fallen asleep a few times. Maybe that caused a block to be corrupted? I've since figured out how to keep my laptop from falling asleep.

What do you guys think?

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If you just want to update the wallet, use the rescan=XXX rpc, where XXX is a block height where you want to start from.

Try looking at debug.log if something is corrupter, it'll tell so. If something is corrupted, or no apparent cause is found, you should use reindex. This might take a while, tho.

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