I have a one year old back-up (exodus.zip). When extracted from ZIP and placed that folder in AppData/Roaming/ now it asks for passwords which I don't remember anymore.

Inside the 'exodus.wallet' folder there are 6 files, five (info, seed, storage, twofactor, twofactor-secret) of them are '.seco' extension and one is 'passphrase.json'.

'passphrase.json' is as follows:

  "passphrase": "44character longs tring",
  "system": true

Is all my money gone? Or is there any way to recover?

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The wallet is designed to keep your money safe from anyone who doesn't know the passphrase. Safe from even the most skilled experts. Safe from government intelligence agencies.

If you don't know the passphrase, or at least almost all of it, you will never be able to access the money in a well designed wallet.

Unless the wallet designers were very very negligent, passphrase.json probably contains a hash of the passphrase and is of no use to you.

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