I want to giveaway small amounts of BTC on lightning. The ideal method is a wallet paper equivalent, this means no coupons, websites or redemption procedures. I still have some doubts about the process.

  1. Can I do this without running my own node?
  2. Any special safety precautions?<
  3. Can you give me high level overview of the how the generation may look?

Thanks in advance for your time.

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Well, I'm not sure I can answer your exact questions, but I can offer an alternative. I had the same idea of creating a bunch of wallets to send small amounts to. But for my specific case the important things was actually get small amounts to people. So, for me, I used cash app since you can freely SATs to other people using cashapp(5000 SATs min). Once, they had a decent amount, I would show them what options they had to get their own wallet or they could just keep using cashapp. Don't know if this helps, but if I understand The Lightning Network right, it seems like you would need a node. I could totally be wrong though. CashApp uses lightning network.

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