I have cash in USD, i want to buy BTC in my city, but i don't want to buy it with exchange magazine, because bad exchange rate and because it requires KYC and i'm not want to my personal data will leak and someone will fake my person.

What i should do to find a people who have a BTC and ready to exchange it to my USD cash?

I think i should find some miners in miners communities, but i don't know where i should looking for.

p.s. I'm not interest to any online exchange, because i don't want to be scummed, i want to meet offline.


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Service recommendations are off-topic here, but more generally, you can just look around online to find out if there are any local bitcoin meetup groups in your area. Attend a meetup, talk to some people, ask if anyone is willing to sell some bitcoin. Thats really all it takes.

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