I know blockchain.info etc, but I'm looking for things beyond simple timelines of transaction volume and the like. I was thinking towards scientific projects that aim at discovering patterns in the historical data, for instance:

  • are there addresses that accumulate large amounts of btc?
  • are there interesting transaction pattern, e. g. prolonged transaction "ping pong" between address pairs, "star patterns" where a single address sends out transactions to a large group of others, etc
  • are there amounts that seem to get passed on along a long chain of addresses?

Note that those are just examples I made up to illustrate what kind of angle I'm looking for: a more open-ended, scientific analysis rather than trading advice. That same notion makes it hard to search for projects, so I'm hoping that someone might happen to know something.

  • I rewrote the question in the hope to make it more answerable. Jul 2, 2013 at 14:59

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Check this website. It has summary of the tools available http://block-chain-analysis.com/


Your problem is the "things like that". There are lots of different things that might be of interest to some people and not to others, and so each site has a few reports or charts but none are comprehensive.

Two examples: blockchain.info has a number of reports in the bottom right of their main page under the 'Other Bitcoin links' that has some reports that some might find interesting. Bconomy has a number of charts that provide information about blocks and transactions.

  • I understand. I rewrote the question hoping to be more specific this time. Jul 2, 2013 at 15:00

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