Been playing around with timelock transactions, made one to do a test went to do the spend and it was accepted by the network. However my transaction isnt confirming, I tried doing another one upping the miner fee but it still isnt confirming here is the transaction id if any bitcoin sluths feel like schooling a noob. Thanks in advance


cefbf6877a17e7f69a2c822c9cd6ac163c593d25920ff22360cb0b6d800781e5 (Think this one got rejected as a double spend and can no longer be viewed)

  • Did your wallet abandon/forget 204c60? How much did you bump fee in cefbf6?
    – Mercedes
    Commented Aug 30, 2023 at 16:29

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Your transaction 204c…2ad1 is not invalid, it is unconfirmed. It has a feerate of 5.02 ṩ/vB. We have not had a block that included transactions with feerates that low since at least mid July.

enter image description here

Your feerate is too low for your transaction to be selected into a block. Try using ~7 sat/vB.


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