I HAVE ERROR "scriptsig-not-pushonly" on this


The above script has been decoded

Version: 2 Transaction Size: 219 bytes Lock time: 0

can someone help me to fix this please.. 😔

sometimes i have problem with maxburntamount, or stack failed bla bla.

I just have some experiment, to call P2SH transaction with redeem script, my experiment address https://www.blockchain.com/explorer/addresses/btc/3HU341AbjnD5SzawKtbY66gVczh7QAfFXL

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"scriptsig-not-pushonly" refers to the consensus rule that the scriptSig of a P2SH input must only include push operations (see BIP16). Your scriptSig not only includes opcodes other than push operations, but actually fails to decode completely.

Here is the result of using Bitcoin Core's decodescript with your scriptSig:

44022065794dfae7320f7ec02ecc387a00ae761ac34c4373fadb896ff59ce284159f5702206625d2cf48aa3dbbd40206 OP_SUB OP_UNKNOWN OP_UNKNOWN OP_ROLL b53f22ac5b96c96a3c OP_UNKNOWN [error]

After you fix that, you might also want to check the input and output amounts, as your transaction creates more value in outputs (6666 sat) than it spends (1777 sat).

  • Can you help me to make the raw Hex transcation ? or theres provider to help me create the raw HEX transaction ? because before i use bc-2.jp/tools/txeditor2.html to help me making the raw hex transaction.
    – Tepan
    Aug 31, 2023 at 15:33
  • I got inspired from this bitcoin.stackexchange.com/questions/68227/… but i can't learn properly, because i'm just new this thing, not a geniue coding.
    – Tepan
    Aug 31, 2023 at 18:13

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