I have been trying to transfer bitcoins via mtgox's withdraw bitcoin api call with this http address


and when I log the response to console I get

{ result: 'success',
  return: { trx: 'a748ee68583a1cedbdde694a5716909cad8feea1545e946145f48f95ced15037' } }

yet the number of bitcoins in my account remains unchanged.

What could possibly be causing this?

and I'm positive my api key has the correct permissions (unless it's merchant)

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The problem I was having had to do with formatting. In the api documentation there is an amount_int param which needs to be passed with the http request. I had forgotten that mtgox requires anything with _int postfixing to be in the form amount * 10 ^ 8

so for example if you were trying to send 0.01 bitcoins for the amount_int field you would put

0.01 * 10 ^ 8 = 1000000

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