I have been very confused on how to use the rpcbind and rpcallowip arguments for bitcoind. I have a bitcoin core node running on a raspberrypi and I want it to accept json-rpc calls from one of my other devices (connected to the same network as the node). I know I need to use rpcbind and rpcallowip inside of my bitcoin.conf file, but I don't quite understand how. What values should I give to these paramaters? I also already set rpcuser and rpcpassword inside of the configuration file.

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Check the local IP address of rpi using ifconfig. Let's assume the IP address is

Use these values in bitcoin.conf:


  • This works great! However, when I try to send a post request using curl to the address, nothing returns... (curl http://<pi's ip adress>:8332/) @Lemon
    – NeonTears
    Commented Sep 24, 2023 at 17:00

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