Let's say somebody sent me 10000 sats offchain to get me on board and I want to take back onchain (unilateral exit) only part of them, like for example 5000 sats.

I could send 5000 sats to another address of mine offchain and then leave the Ark, but can I do the same without making another offchain transaction?

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There are two answers here.

First of all, you cannot unilaterally exit with partial vtxos. For a unilateral exit, you always have to exit entire vtxos.

For collaborative exits, or "lift outs", it is possible. What would happen is exactly the same as if you wanted to lift out the entire value, but you would also get an additional "change" vtxo. So in return for a 10 000 sats vtxo, you could f.e. get a 5 000 sats utxo and then a 5 000 sat vtxo (ignoring fees here of course).

See this answer for how the collaborative exit works. Now imagine in that diagram that you also get an A'* vtxo in the vtxo tree on the right hand side.

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