Presumably HWI on github.com is to do with creating a hardware wallet interface with Bitcoin Core. Am I correct?

What stage is development at presently?

Will one be able to connect a hardware wallet to Bitcoin Core with this interface?

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Yes, you can connect an external signer to Bitcoin Core. You can either use HWI (Hardware Wallet Interface), which is developed by Bitcoin Core developers but currently considered experimental, or use a compatible script if one is provided by your hardware wallet vendor.

To use the external signer feature, start bitcoind with the parameter:

$ bitcoind -signer=<path/to/hwi.py>

Or if you use the Bitcoin Core GUI, you can fill in the "External signer script path" field in the "Wallet" tab.

Some relevant links:

  • And by connecting my hardware wallet to bitcoin core, what will that allow me do? Oct 12 at 10:18
  • @EoinMcQuinn What wallets normally allow you to do, that is receive and send transactions. Oct 12 at 17:17

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