What are the last common blocks of Bitcoin and its most popular hard forks like Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond etc.?

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Here listed only the top 4 forks by market cap (on 2023-10-12).

Name Symbol Market Cap Fork Date / Forked From Last Common Block with Bitcoin
Bitcoin BTC $523.0bn N/A N/A
Bitcoin Cash BCH $4.2bn 2017-08-01 / BTC 478,558
Bitcoin SV BSV $0.6bn 2018-11-15 / BCH 478,558
eCash XEC $0.5bn 2020-11-15 / BCH 478,558
Bitcoin Gold BTG $0.2bn 2017-10-24 / BTC 491,406

Here's an infographic showing their ancestry.

enter image description here

(infographic credits to Ludovic Lars)

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