I updated BitcoinCore (v19 to 25.1) and get this error at launch:

Error: Error reading configuration file: conf cannot be set in the configuration file; use includeconf= if you want to include additional config files

My database and config file are in another folder (C:\BTC_BitcoinCore). But having done a clean install this shouldn't matter.

I uninstalled the old version, cleaned the directories, cleaned the registry, repaired Windows according to this post, restarted, reinstalled BitcoinCore, given security access to the whole folder to everyone and unchecked the read-only box, but the error still is there.

I probably missed an important thing about the config file (I left it as per the install, and maybe that's the problem ?).

I really have not another idea left, some help would be greatly appreciated.



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Found the culprit : an older bitcoin.conf file in Appdata that I missed somehow.

Edit: Thanks for pointing me to the right solution, Antoine !

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