I have created a paper wallet and I generated the public/private keys with Ubuntu live + Electrum. Now I have 2 questions:

  • In this case, can I IMPORT ( instead of SWEEP ) my keys in electrum and avoid to pay the fee each time I want to send my Bitcoin?
  • I have read that if you use the IMPORT option, then when you spend a portion of the Bitcoin, then the unspent amount will go to another address. Is it true? Why? Then I have to store another pair keys for the new address?

Thanks, I am newbie ❤️

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You can import keys into Electrum. Imported keys cannot be recovered using a recovery / seed phrase, so special care is needed to avoid loss.

Sweeping transfers money into an address corresponding to a key that is generated from the seed of a wallet. So control over that money can be recovered using a recovery / seed phrase. The transfer takes place as a transaction on the Bitcoin Blockchain and so needs to pay a transaction fee. The transaction fee is effectively a bid for space in an auction of space inside blocks.


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