I am building different tx types on regtest and don't want to care about tx fees.

Here is my bitcoin.config

fallbackfee=100000 paytxfee=100000 maxtxfee=100000 mintxfee=0.1 maxfeerate=100000

I have set the values absurdly high, but bitcoin core still doesn't allow to send a transaction (P2WPKH, 1 input and 1 output) with 100 btc in fees, and still get

Fee exceeds maximum configured by user (e.g. -maxtxfee, maxfeerate) (code -25)

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Solved. Despite definition in bitcoin.config, when calling sendrawtransaction we need to pass again the maxfeerate

sendrawtransaction raw_tx_hex 1000

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    maxtxfee is a wallet configuration option; it doesn't apply to sendrawtransaction as that isn't a wallet RPC. Commented Dec 4, 2023 at 16:20
  • Did this really bypass it? I'm trying to use it and get: "Fee rates larger than or equal to 1BTC/kvB are not accepted". I'm using with "sendrawtransaction ra_tx_hex 100000". Commented Apr 30 at 16:54

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