As far as I know, when we receive a new transaction or block, we send an INV message to all peers to inform them about it. If the peers want that data, they send us a GETDATA message. In several places (in BIP152 for example) I read and saw (picture below taken from BIP 152) that notification can also be done by sending a HEADER message? However, bitcoin wiki and all other sites say that this message is a reply to a previously sent GETHEADERS message.


The headers packet returns block headers in response to a getheaders packet.


The “headers” message sends block headers to a node which previously requested certain headers with a “getheaders” message. A headers message can be empty.

Can you explain to me whether the HEADER message is also used for notifying peers about new blocks, why and in which cases?

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Since the introduction of BIP130 ("sendheaders"), a node can request that new block announcements are sent through a HEADERS message rather than through an INV. This avoids a roundtrip, in case the receiver first wants to verify the PoW of the header before downloading the actual block data.

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