I used cashapp to send btc to a wallet I've sent to before he says it failed and should be back. Cashapp can't help The code I sent wallet to is: bc1qne24j4v09t9lpyg6vttr3aamn7jmv6e2zegtw4. pic of transaction failure

img of wallet i sent it to from cashapp

Can someone tell me if I'm being ripped off? Or why I can't get any help from cashapp? What do I do? Did I get ripped off?

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See any blockchain explorer.

For example https://blockchair.com/bitcoin/address/bc1qne24j4v09t9lpyg6vttr3aamn7jmv6e2zegtw4

explorer shows 0.0142487 transaction is confirmed


173 confirmations

The transaction for that amount is confirmed. Anyone saying otherwise is either mistaken or telling lies in order to deceive you.

There is no such thing as a Bitcoin transaction failing "due to lock".

Some notes

  • what you call a "wallet code" is more normally called a Bitcoin address. A Bitcoin wallet normally has many addresses and most wallets create a new address for every transaction.

  • The transaction which paid 0.0142487 to bc1qne...zegtw4 also paid money to 198 others - this is normal behaviour for a business that provides custodial accounts, it is batching together payments for its customers in order to save on transaction fees.

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