I was lazy and have upgraded my raspiblitz v 1.7.2 directly to v 1.10 instead of going through 1.8, 1.9.

After restart and selecting "upgrade" it continuously shows "Lightning : prepare resync" in console menu and "sparco-host= unknown option" in logs.

lightning: Config file /home/bitcoin/.lightning/config line 15: sparco-host= unknown option

When I inspecting the lightningd.service status, it failed to start and restart continuously. It also shows, that it cannot find module gunicorn.

What can I do to fix that issue?

Best regards

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After doing some research and trying to install gunicorn in lightningd virtual environment and some other trials i just examined the /home/bitcoin/.lightning/config file, stopped lightningd.service, commented out the lines starting with "sparco" and started the lightningd.service again.

It doesn't show the error regarding this property anymore, starts checking the DB, found and fixed a couple of problems and now it runs fine.

I guess this properties are from older versions and perhaps are not used in the newer core-lightning anymore.

If anybody know, if lightning needs these sparco-* please leave the comment below.

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