I am trying to get some blocks from Bisq. I used their API to get the blocks. Then I discovered that blocks are missing some inputs, so I used their API again to get these transactions.

But, I discovered that these transactions contain just the BSQ transfer, and the fee payment transactions (in BTC). I was not able to see the transactions related to the Bitcoin Transfer. How can I get the Bitcoin Transfer Transactions from Bisq block.

To give an example: Here is a Bisq transaction (012ffb03e13a50902b8cc898dbad984cb6f4055cad97e33f2d1a627facf3fabf). I used Bisq API to get it. The height of this transaction is 713592, When I looked for this transaction of Bisq (here) I found that it has 0 transactions. This is a MultiSig transaction, but I do not have any transaction like that on Bisq blocks, even when I get the blocks or transactions by Bisq API.

Is there a way I can get the Bitcoin Transfer Transactions (MultiSig) from Bisq blocks, or another way to get them?



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