Just testing the recent BIP324 on my node, since Bitcoin Core v26 and having v2transport=1 in bitcoin.conf set, I have noticed that I am receiving some incoming connections using the v2 transport protocol to my node, which can only be reachable to incoming connection, using Tor and I2P, with my onion/I2P addresses, and if I make outgoing peer connections using the v2 transport protocol from my node to some Tor or I2P addresses, the connection is successful. It works without problems, ok.

But, considering that these two networks are encrypted by design, is it redundant to use this additional security layer for these networks? If, yes, shouldn't it only be used for ipv4/ipv6 connections to avoid this unnecessary redundancy?






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The encryption aspect of BIP324 isn't very useful on Tor/I2P, but it's pretty cheap in terms of computation power (cheaper than the old unencrypted protocol on many systems!).

We could define a slimmed-down transport protocol to be used on these privacy networks (e.g. the BIP324 packet encoding, but without encryption or authentication tags), but I think the cost of yet another protocol isn't worth the benefits.

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