If you mistakenly sent a BTC transfer to a deleted wallet with a lost recovery phrase and the transaction is still on blockchain.com. Is there a way to get the transaction placed in a blockchain account or sent to another wallet? The transaction says it's been mined and has a block number, does that mean I lost it? If so how long would I have to recover if there is any possible way?

  • Best contact customer support of the wallet your are using if you are having trouble with it. Commented Jan 14 at 20:20

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A confirmed Bitcoin transaction cannot be undone. The money is under the control of whoever knows the private-key for the receiving address.

If the receiving address is one for which nobody has the private-key, then that money can never be spent.

If the wallet was non-custodial, was deleted, no backups kept and the recovery-phrase lost, there is no way to obtain the private-key.

If a non-custodial wallet was very recently deleted and the computer taken out of use, there may be a tiny chance that data-recovery tools can retrieve the deleted wallet data from a low-level copy of the disk or other persistent storage used.

If the wallet, and its data, was password protected and no details of the password are known then even a recovered data file is of no use.

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