I need Bitcoin Core only for running my non-routing core-lightning node (private channels only) as an end user (not as a developer)? The lightning node is to be run on the same machine as bitcoin core.

1. Do I need to compile bench_bitcoin, bitcoin-cli, bitcoin-util, bitcoin-tx and test_bitcoin for that purpose?

2. I customized the compilation with ./configure --disable-wallet --disable-tests --disable-bench. Are there any other flags that I could pass to configure in order to save on CPU and storage and still maintain my lightning node functional?

3. Where can I read more on each of the Bitcoin Core's binary such as bitcoin-util bench_bitcoin, test_bitcoin, and bitcoin-cli

The research I've done so far include config -hand https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Bitcoin_Core_0.11_(ch_1):_Overview .

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Core Lightning directly interacts only with bitcoin-cli, which in turn interacts with bitcoind. Those are the only two binaries you will need, indipendently of whether you compiled the binaries yourself or downloaded a release from https://bitcoincore.org/ (always double-check that you are downloading from the right place, and check the gitian signatures when possible).

As for your customizations, I would likely not compile with --disable-wallet as that may have some side-effects on propagation of your own transactions, and mempool, however I cannot find any confirmation of this on the docs so it might also be safe.

And finally, the binaries:

  • bitcoin-util is a simple utility to test out proof-of-work (https://www.mankier.com/1/bitcoin-util). This likely is not used for anything outside development, so feel free to ignore this one.
  • bench_bitcoin is a benchmarking tool, used during development, to ensure there are no performance regressions from version to version.
  • test_bitcoin is the testsuite for integration and unit tests. It is also used during development, and not much use outside.
  • bitcoin-cli is the bitcoin command line interface, and is the way that most things talk to bitcoind when running, including CLN.
  • Thanks, I ran ./configure --disable-tests --disable-bench --enable-util-cli --with-utils=no and it installed just bitcoind and bitcoin-cli. I just addded the mention of bitcoin-tx to my question - what is it used for?
    – John Smith
    Jan 22 at 11:46
  • 1
    I didn't know myself, but looking at the man-page (man.archlinux.org/man/bitcoin-tx.1.en) it sounds like a utility to create or update transactions in their hex format before submitting them to the network. It's not needed by any tool I'm aware of.
    – cdecker
    Jan 23 at 17:08

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