I am searching for an exact python code that can take a standard wallet seed as input and output the the root key or xpub master public key. I had tried several codes but none of them gave me the 'exact same' xpub mpk as of the real electrum wallet. Can I get some help.

  • thanks to give me this website name but this might take some time to understand what all this site has to offer. I will answer the question my self I got any break through .Thanks again
    – he lo
    Commented Jan 25 at 19:52
  • iancoleman xpub doesn't match the electrum one
    – he lo
    Commented Jan 25 at 20:01

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You cannot convert an Electrum seed phrase to a BIP39 seed phrase, because in the process of deriving the master private keys, both algorithms use a different salt. This means, you cannot use Electrum seed phrases to generate BIP39-phrase addresses.

However, it is possible to derive Electrum addresses from Electrum seed phrases even outside Electrum. There is a short guide here even though it is for testnet, it also works for mainnet just by switching the coin type.

To quote it:

  1. Download bip39-standalone.html.

  2. Go to line 28611 and replace "return h == nh;" with "return true;".

  3. Go to line 28639 and replace "mnemonic" with "electrum".

  4. Open bip39-standalone.html in your browser and paste your seed phrase.

  5. Select "Bitcoin - Testnet" from "Coin".

  6. In "Derivation Path", select BIP141, P2WPKH and use: m/0'/0

Note: To get P2PKH address use the m/0 path, m/0'/0 is only for Electrum's segwit P2WPKH.

  • the answer is correct and i also found a working tool right next to what you mention here github.com/FarCanary/ElectrumSeedTester
    – he lo
    Commented Jan 26 at 12:21
  • actually its js code also i am unable to extract any python code from it or interpret how the html is actually calculating in short no progress made
    – he lo
    Commented Jan 26 at 13:34

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