On Ubuntu my bitcoin core v.26 closes every few minutes without saving the downloaded blocks unless I close it first. Maybe a bug but how do I fix this? I updated version 22 to v.26 because v.22 was not opening anymore at all and crashed totally. So, now I have 31753 blocks left to download and it is taking forever by closing it before it crashes without any warning, so its like a roulette game and very time consuming! Please HELP fix this. Thanks guys!

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not totally sure what could be causing this. But I am running a full node on a raspberry pi (1GB ram) and before I editded my bitcoin.conf file, I would notice my bitcoin daemon would get randomly disappear. I found some information when I ran cat /var/log/kern.log (on rapian OS, not ubuntu) which I realized I was running out of ram. So after that I tweaked my config file and my OS stopped killing the process.

Can you look for OS logs to see if theres resource management issues going on?

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