It is written at fedimint.org:

Fedimint aims to address this by distributing custodianship across millions of communities, making it simple for them to bank themselves. These community focused 'banks' are known as Fedimint Federations.[...]

Fedimint allows bitcoiners to onboard new users, assisting them in their custody and payment model. Instead of referring a new bitcoiner to a third party custodian, you can onboard them yourself as part of a Federation.

Put another way it allows you to be your mum's / friends / villages bank.

I don't have friends. Most of the human interactions that I have are those on sites such as bitcoin.stackexchange.com. Is there an online, be it on the clearnet or an onion network, list of fedimint federations, akin to the lists of servers of other federated systems, such cashu, XMPP, or nostr?


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