0.8.1 version and when i compile this version but successfully compiled but now i want to generate the window executable file(.exe) from bitcoin-0.8.1 version. so latest version and older bitcoin-0.8.1 version have big difference in new version they have depends folder and other all file from where we can get exe file for new version but in bitcoin-0.8.1 how i can generate window executable file mean exe file please help me if anyone knows about this thanks

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You can find the build intructions for the Windows version of 0.8.1 by searching the Bitcoin Core repository at the v0.8.1 tag:


It says "releases are cross-compiled using mingw running on Linux".

  • I saw that but i dont understand how to do that on linux it seems that the cammand are for win folder strukture is there any tutorrial to make it on ubuntu?
    – NotRin
    Feb 26 at 9:10
  • Is it only that code for linux? "Bitcoin ------- DOS prompt: cd \bitcoin\src mingw32-make -f makefile.mingw strip bitcoind.exe"
    – NotRin
    Feb 26 at 9:21

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