I'm attempting to run stratum-mining-proxy with minerd. Proxy starts and runs with the following command:

python ./mining_proxy.py -o ltc-stratum.kattare.com -p 3333 -pa scrypt

Proxy starts fine. Run Minerd (U/P removed):

minerd -a scrypt -r 1 -s 6 -o -O USERNAME.1:PASSWORD

Following errors are received. This one from the proxy:

2013-07-18 01:33:59,981 ERROR protocol protocol.dataReceived # Processing of message failed
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/stratum-0.2.12-py2.7.egg/stratum/protocol.py", line 185, in dataReceived
    self.lineReceived(line, request_counter)
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/stratum-0.2.12-py2.7.egg/stratum/protocol.py", line 216, in lineReceived
    raise custom_exceptions.ProtocolException("Cannot decode message '%s'" % line)
'rotocolException: Cannot decode message 'POST / HTTP/1.1

And this from minerd. What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated!

[2013-07-18 01:33:59] HTTP request failed: Empty reply from server
[2013-07-18 01:33:59] json_rpc_call failed, retry after 30 seconds

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When you run the miner, you should specify the port 8332 (instead of 3333 or 8333 as in the above posts).

minerd -a scrypt -r 1 -s 6 -o -O USERNAME.1:PASSWORD


minerd -a scrypt -r 1 -s 6 -o -O USERNAME.1:PASSWORD

When using 3333, your proxy believes that your miner asks work using the stratum protocol but your miner asks for it using the getwork protocol ==> it needs to speak to the proxy on the 8332 port.

minerd -a scrypt -o -O nybbler905.1:x
minerd -a scrypt -o -O nybbler905.1:x

That was just a typo as the comment is correct:

Port 8332 ( local ) is...

I don't know if you have to put http:// or not

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I use 2 .sh files from teh desktop, one for the proxy to start for Burnside's pool, the other to start the miner. The basic command is this one line ( as it runs in terminal in Ubuntu 12.04 ) after using CD ( directory ) to get to where I unpacked the proxy.

./mining_proxy.py -o ltc-stratum.kattare.com -p 3333

The next .SH file also used cd .... to get to where I unpaced my miner, teh minerd command is as follows

minerd -a scrypt -o -O nybbler905.1:x

Port 8332 ( local ) is getwork unless otherwise set for the proxy. The other errors are related to not fully installing python and then the proxy.

 sudo python setup.py install
./mining_proxy.py --help

If you do not get the help info, look in to re-re-re-installing python and the proxy.

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