Hello fellow Bitcoiners.

While studing bitcoin, I came across an issue, I wanted to ask if someone knows how to know which derivation path a 1xxxxxxxxxxx address was created with.

I know that bc1xxxxxxxxxx addresses uses BIP84

3xxxxxxxx addresses uses BIP49

but 1xxxxxxxx addresses could have use BIP32 or BIP44.

Is there a way to know which method (BIP32 or BIP44) was used by only having the address ? My guess is not, but wanted to ask anyways. Thanks in advanced


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No, you cannot.

One issue is as you pointed out that some address types have multiple standard derivation paths/methods associated with them, and the data encoded inside the address is indistinguishable from random (apart from the version number/type of address used).

But even beyond that, nobody is required to follow such standards. Many wallets have their own conventions.

  • Thank you very much for the explanation Pieter.
    – juancho
    Commented Apr 13 at 12:52

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