Is it possible to generate multiple OP_RETURN utxos in one transaction?

I see there is an answer for that in 2015, I wonder if it's still the case.

I know nothing prevents us from doing so, but question is, do miners accept these kind of transactions?

  • If you pay the fees there's no motivation for the miners to don't pick your transaction with multiple OP_RETURNS Commented Apr 23 at 12:29
  • @polespinasa Thanks for the response, but the previous answer says: "such a transaction would not be considered a 'standard' transaction and would not be relayed (propagated) through the network.". So, are you sure about your answer? Commented Apr 23 at 13:21
  • That means that nodes (non-miners) will not propagate the transaction because they will label it as non-standard, but it still complies with the consensus rules and is a valid transaction so if it reaches a miner and he acts on economic incentives he will take it. Commented Apr 23 at 15:54

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Such a transaction would be valid, but considered non-standard by most nodes on the Bitcoin network. It is unlikely that such a transaction would propagate to miners and would be included by miners unless further steps would be taken beyond submitting to your own node.

  • thanks for the response. Is there any document around things that make transaction non-standard? I checked devguide but there was no statement about multiple OP_RETURN making transaction non-standard. link: developer.bitcoin.org/devguide/… Commented Apr 24 at 12:11

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