I have an original transaction with two inputs and want to replace it with a transaction that has only one of the two inputs.

Original transaction spending from two addresses:

input 1: 0,5 btc  ⇒  output 1: 0.99 btc  
input 2: 0,5 btc

Is it possible to replace this transaction by this one:

input 1: 0,5 btc  ⇒  output 1: 0,49 btc

If that is possible, then how can you do that using Bitcoin Core?

  • Hi Alice, I edited your post to improve the formatting and included a sentence to describe what I understood your question to be. Please feel free to further edit or rollback if you feel that it doesn’t match your intent.
    – Murch
    Commented Apr 29 at 12:47


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