Hello everyone I have an electrum wallet and it's in just watch mode and I'd like to change it to an HD wallet in electrum. How to go about it if it's possible?

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non-HD WO to HD WO

It seems Electrum supports both deterministic (HD) and non-deterministic watch-only wallets but you can't simply convert from one type of watch-only wallet to the other type of watch-only wallet.

You can create a new HD wallet and manually import into it the addresses from the old non-HD watch-only wallet. I'm not sure there is any reason to do this.

WO to spendable

If you want to convert a watch-only wallet to one that can spend the money watched by the watch-only wallet, you can't do that without additional data that isn't in the watch-only wallet (private keys).

It may help to read the description of Electrum Watch-only wallets at https://bitcoinelectrum.com/creating-a-watch-only-wallet/

A watch-only wallet is a wallet without any secrets in it that could be used to spend bitcoin.

If you have the private keys that are omitted from a watch-only wallet, you can import them into a new wallet following the guide at https://bitcoinelectrum.com/importing-your-private-keys-into-electrum/

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