My friend has found a file that seems to be a Bitcoin paper wallet backup, but it has quite strange seed encoding that I have never met before. It has:

  • A field named "Key" - a short string (11 chars) with letters and digits
  • 90 numbers each 6 digits

Does anyone know how to decode such type of paper wallet?

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    Is your friend sure this is Bitcoin related? What makes them think that? Commented May 22 at 13:05
  • I'm not sure. This file is named Bitcoin, and inside, it has instructions to print it on paper to backup
    – Volen
    Commented May 22 at 13:45
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    Because the exact instructions etc might help identify the file, it might help if you edited the question to include a modified copy of the whole file that has the 11-character key replaced by XXXXXXXXXXX and each of the 90 6-digit numbers replaced by NNNNNN (and same for any other numbers/strings that might need to be confidential) Commented May 22 at 14:00


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