I made a withdrawal request and it would only allow bitcoin, I have no clue about bitcoin or how to use, anyway I installed a app, got the receiving money adress entered it as payment method but now there's no trace of it or any update? Is this a scam or what? Please help me what should I do and where van I get in touch with support as there not option on app?

  • Which app or service are you using? When you search for your "receiving money address" on a blockchain explorer like mempool.space, do you see a transaction that pays you the expected amount?
    – Murch
    Commented Jul 5 at 19:42
  • Just the bitcoin app. I withdraw winnings from a casino and it had to be bitcoin so I downloaded a app and gave the casino the receive funds adress? I just am so confused I don't have a clue how it works. Thank so much 4 your reply Commented Jul 6 at 21:06
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    Which Bitcoin app? There are many different Bitcoin apps. Did you mean "Bitcoin Wallet for Android" by "Bitcoin Wallet Developers" ? Commented Jul 7 at 10:07
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    There are several reports here of people who have trouble withdrawing money from online casinos. I suspect many online casinos are run by crooks. Commented Jul 7 at 10:09


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