My Bitcoin-Qt client is still synchronizing with the network. I'm unsure of how to use my Bitcoin-Qt wallet address on Blockchain.info. I've put my address on Blockchain.info as (watch only), but how do I get full access to my wallet on Blockchain.info?

I do have a passphrase and the wallet is locked. Does Bitcoin-Qt need to be fully synchronized with the network for me to be able to access my wallet?

  1. Export the private key for a specific Bitcoin address from Bitcoin-Qt. Copy the value to your clipboard.
  2. Import it into Blockchain.info wallet (log into your Blockchain.info wallet, click Import/Export tab, for the Import Private Key field paste the private key.)

You have to unlock your wallet, export the private key for your address and then import it to Blockchain.info. You don't even need Bitcoin-Qt then, because they store your privkey and your money!

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