I'm looking at the crypto street home page and the pairs are backwards when compared to other exchanges. It doesn't appear to be a mistake because the prices are inverted compared to other exchanges - it just seems odd.


I am the CEO of Crypto Street, so let's get that out of the way. I recently wrote a blog post about this explaining. But the gist of it is that we're taking a page from standard financial markets:

In the foreign exchange market, currencies are displayed as what's known as a currency pair. Trades require that one currency be exchanged for another, in proportion to the quoted pair. As an example, let's consider USD/JPY, which at the time of this post is 98.74. What that means is that to buy 1 USD, you will need to give 98.74 JPY. Generally speaking, the stronger currency is quoted first so that one can easily understand how many of the quote currency one will need to buy the base currency. If we reveresed it, and instead quoted JPY/USD, it would mean that to buy 1 JPY I would need to give 0.01012760785902 USD. That's a lot harder to intuitively grasp than 98.74!


The problem is the notation is inconsistent with, well, math. If you say 98 USD/JPY, it looks like 98 USD per 1 JPY.

That said, this is also an issue on Bloomberg or Yahoo or any financial reporting site that I know of.

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