1. Which have invested into Bitcoin or Bitcoin companies?
  2. Which have shown "more interest than average" (e.g. Pamir from Hummingbird Ventures organized the Bitcoin London Conference)?

There hasn't been a definitive survey of the venture Capital industry but Boost VC has made several bitcoin investments. Its founders Adam Draper and Brayton Williams are responsible for organizing the Boost Bitcoin Fund which several venture capital firms are participating in. There are also currently 7 bitcoin companies in their 2013 class of startups.

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From AKCoins's answer:

Coinbase has raised $6 million from all the big VCs:

  • Start Fund
  • Y Combinator
  • Ribbit Capital
  • Union Square Ventures
  • Garry Tan
  • SV Angel
  • Greg Kidd
  • FundersClub
  • Adam Draper
  • IDG Ventures
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