Wondering if Ripple can be used in lieu of PayPal for a crowdfunding platform? That is, can the Ripple network would be used to faciliate payments without the users of the crowdfunding platform having to have Ripple accounts?

With Ripple’s low-cost transactions and being able to transact in any currency, it seems like a natural for crowdfunding. Am I missing something?

  • Your title asks a completely different question than your text suggests. The implicit question in your text, however, is self-explanatory once you think about how ripple works. – Murch Aug 19 '13 at 21:28

Your question boils down to the issue whether people could make payments to a Ripple address without having a Ripple account.

As transactions in Ripple are received in the form of XRP or IOUs, it is not possible for users to make direct payments to Ripple addresses without themselves being part of the Ripple network.

PayPal on the other hand allows payments with your credit card even if you don't have an account. Such a service could also be offered by Ripple gateways in the future, however it is afaik not available at this time. As such the interface to credit card payments is just what creates the costs for paypal, so this would counterpoise the advantages that make Ripple low-cost.

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