Is there a library which provides all the same address/transaction querying information as blockchain.info, depending only on having a bitcoind synchronised database?

There are a number of queries which bitcoind cannot answer. For example, bitcoind only indexes transactions which are unspent.

I realize blockchain.info has a public API, but it isn't an option for us to use this. I doubt they'd want us to spider the entire blockchain over their API anyway.

  • Technically, it doesn't any transactions at all. It just maintains a set of unspent transaction outputs. -txindex will make it maintain a full transaction index, but that is still only by txids, and not by address/script. Nov 3, 2013 at 22:45

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You should take a look at Abe:

Abe: a free block chain browser for Bitcoin-based currencies.

Abe reads the Bitcoin block file, transforms and loads the data into a database, and presents a web interface similar to Bitcoin Block Explorer or Blockchain.io.

Not to mention it was written in Python.


Apparently, you can force bitcoind to index spent transactions. More information here.

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