So I have setup bitcoind -daemon on a server. On plain HTTP, I can connect to the server from my machine and start mining with poclbm.py (at a slow rate but I am preparing my environment before upgrading H/W)

Then I have created the self-signed certificate successfully, and from a remote machine I can get the SSL certificate validation using openssl s_client command. I had trouble with the openssl s_client command when not including the


part in the conf, but after adding it it as ok.

Then added option rpcssl=1 in bitcoin.conf.

Now I get a Failure to subscribe followed by IO errors - 1, tolerance 2.

Is there anything else to check? Running poclbm with -verbose doesn't show more output.

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After looking at the (quite old) source code of poclbm, there is a commented line that creates the SSL connection. Not sure it is the reason but I guess it doesn't support HTTPS in its last version. I changed to DiabloMiner (I had to add my self-signed certificate using the InstallCert.java tool)

I can now mine over HTTPS. Next step is a pool...

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