I have an address mpc1rKeaMSCuQnJevMViLuq8uWjHwgdjiV I check it via json rpc and get balance = 4.6 with 6 confirmations When I check http://blockexplorer.com/testnet/address/mpc1rKeaMSCuQnJevMViLuq8uWjHwgdjiV I get nothing.. is it OK ?


The testnet Block Explorer doesn't seem to be working. If you go to http://blockexplorer.com/testnet, the most recent block it shows is from August 29, about two weeks ago.


BTC Look's Testnet is still online. Try http://testnet.btclook.com/addr/mpc1rKeaMSCuQnJevMViLuq8uWjHwgdjiV.


There is also Blockr.io Bitcoin TESTNET

enter image description here


A reasonably fast & stable testnet API I could find is Blocktrail

JSON https://api.blocktrail.com/v1/tbtc/address/mpA7LkZe8TKNMgTPJVbn5StQ6Yh28fXg1d?api_key=MY_APIKEY

HTML https://www.blocktrail.com/tBTC/address/mpA7LkZe8TKNMgTPJVbn5StQ6Yh28fXg1d/transactions

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