I'm trying to write a PHP plugin that will talk to bitcoind to generate a random address to send a bitcoin transaction to.

I'm really confused: how am I supposed to setup bitcoind so that we can query it to generate a random address?



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First, run bitcoind on your server. Set up bitcoin.conf to have the correct RPC port and a password and etc.

Then, include the jsonRPCClient.php file:


Then, instantiate an object like so:

$bitcoind = new jsonRPCClient("http://$YOUR_RPC_USER:$YOUR_RPC_PASS@$YOUR_RPC_HOST:$YOUR_RPC_PORT/");

You can now run commands from the RPC using this object.


So if you want a new address:

$newaddr = $bitcoind->getnewaddress();

bitcoind - d for daemon. It has a native JSON-RPC API built in to it, indeed that's what it provides. You simply use JSON-RPC calls to get information out of bitcoind, or indeed to send information to bitcoind.

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