I have an address :LUiTUnmBLQ6mvCXk2YNxiU7cZQdty1pToV when I check it on http://block-explorer.com/address/LUiTUnmBLQ6mvCXk2YNxiU7cZQdty1pToV I get Received: 1,199.9 LTC. is there another way to check it throw API or the wallet RPC ? keep in mind the address is not on my wallet but is from a wallet that is disconnected from internet. I've tried to call method :  getreceivedbyaddress LUiTUnmBLQ6mvCXk2YNxiU7cZQdty1pToV 1 on my local wallet but get zero.

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Sites that offer this kind of capability are running custom code and databases that parse more information from the block chain than what litecoind provides out-of-the-box. Right now, you would need a patch to litecoind to enable "watchonly" or setup an ABE.


When I do

litecoind getreceivedbyaddress LUiTUnmBLQ6mvCXk2YNxiU7cZQdty1pToV

I get


I think this will always be 0.000 unless the address in your wallet.dat. One way would just be to include that addresses wallet.dat file in your litecoind directory and then just do

litecoind getbalance

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