Once I have the 9+ Gb bootstrap.dat file downloaded, how do I use it? I'd like to attempt mining without joining a pool; do I have the right file for a solo effort? I can use Windows or Linux so either one in the answer will be fine.

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    Your talking about mining with the Bitcoin-Qt client, in linux "~/.bitcoin/" and in Windows find the AppData hidden directory. You can start Bitcoin-Qt and let it create the directory and stop it, remove everything inside for a clean beginning and move bootstrap to this directory. Nov 6, 2013 at 23:27

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When you run bitcoin-qt or bitcoind in command line, pass that argument. This way, the client indexes transactions from a file, not from the internet.

bitcoin-qt -loadblock=/path/to/bootstrap.dat

Source: http://eu2.bitcoincharts.com/blockchain/ Version 0.7 or later will also import this file by passing the command line argument "-loadblock=/path/to/bootstrap.dat" to bitcoin-qt or bitcoind.


I just did it in Windows. Download Bootstrap.dat, then look for C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin and put the file there. Bitcoin will automatically find it and load from it. Good luck.

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