I have set up an offline wallet on computer "A". I set up a corresponding watching-only wallet on computer "B". I have signed and broadcast several transactions. But now I wish to safely move the watching-only wallet to a different computer "C". Then delete the watching-only from computer "B".

  • Should I import a digital/paper wallet backup of the watching-only wallet? Is this enough to ensure all existing adddresses and BTC are moved?
  • Or should I copy the actual .wallet file manually?

Can this proces be repeated without issues?


  • For the readers: Armory is a provider of allegedly the "most secure and solid wallet". bitcoinarmory.com
    – Daniel S.
    Nov 16 '13 at 2:58

You can just import the watching-only wallet on system "C". In fact, no reason to remove it from system "B" (if you don't want to). It's okay to have multiple "watchers" of a given wallet. Moving the watching-only wallets around doesn't actually move the coins, it just changes which computers recognize coins for which the offline computer has signing authority.

  • If after importing the watch-only wallet on system "C", you can simply delete the watch-only wallet on system "B" if you like.
    – DJG
    May 26 '14 at 15:55

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